A New Wesbite coming soon

February 7, 2019
Posted by: AuroraYachts Team

Aurora Yachts and Boats Trading is creating a new web experience for its users, the new website is packed with features to help clients find the right yachts/boats and connect to one of our yachting specialists near them in a matter of few clicks.

our new website is a platform that will connect us to our prospective clients. The new system will allow us to segregate and then delegate the leads to our service providers near the clients. this is now done all on the back-end of our website.

The aim of the new website is to create a better user experience by allowing the flow of data to provide the right information to the intended audience, by doing so we increase our lead conversion chances and are able to get our clients closer to their purchase. In this digital age, we believe the most important tool that represents a company is their website which is at the forefront of their business.

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